I have been a devote PC computer user as long as I could type. Having to use the school Apple computers was pesky at best. I went through University with my Dell Laptop and since then, I've had a string of Windows operating machines. My work is very Windows dominated and several programs don't offer support to Mac users. But this isn't to say that I haven't kept an open mind. A decade ago I bought an iPod and put thousands of downloaded songs on it - it crashed and wasn't able to be resuscitated. I even bought an iPad the first week they came out - tried it out - hated it - and sold it the next week.  After this, I've been known to mock people who were part of the Apple 'cult' and felt the need to update their phone every 8 months upon the newest release of the iPhone. Then my main laptop crashed for no reason and my friend who helped me recover the data was one of those said die-hard Apple users. For years he had been trying to convert me over the Mac world. 

Then I did the unthinkable. Allison at the Apple Store in West Edmonton Mall sold me a MacBook Pro. I probably wasn't her favourite customer as it took a while for me to accept that this computer was going to become a huge part of my life. Maybe, just maybe, it could be as good as those PC laptops I had relationships with.  

So Allison tried to make my life as easy as possible. She took the time to set-up my computer for me and assisted in getting my accounts up and loaded. My friends were also on hand to ensure that the purchase wasn't too traumatic but were also good in figuring out the technical details for me. I spend the majority of my day using a computer but when it comes to gigs, ram, interfaces - I'm lost. Within 45 minutes, we had demoed a few models, selected the one best for my needs, and were set-up, paid and out the door. 

But does the writer live happily ever after you ask? I'm surprised to admit that I am very satisfied with the computer. I've had it for a few weeks now and there are clear benefits to it over my past PC computers. Start-up is quick and efficient. The sleek and slim design makes it easier to use and transport - not to mention that the weight is close to half of my past laptop. The battery life is ridiculous at over 10 hours of use. The retina display is crisp and I get less eye strain. I've used Facetime to easily talk with both friends and business partners. 

Now there are a few small drawbacks with the Mac. I find that webpages freeze a bit more often than with my old PC. Downloading groups of pics is not quite as easy as with the PC but the Mac does seem to import them faster.  But both of these are noticeably outweighed by the benefits. 

Before I bought the MacBook Pro I also checked out the latest PC offering - the Surface Book. I went and demoed it in store and was a bit shocked at the lack of knowledge by the Windows store staff. But comparing the two computers, I would have had to upgrade the Surface Book up to the price range of around $2500 Canadian to get what I was getting with the MacBook Pro for about $1700 Canadian. Also - Allison asked if my employer was registered with Apple, which it was, and I received a very generous discount. The Windows Store didn't ask. Also in comparing the two, I read a great article from LapTop Mag regarding the two machines that is really worth checking out: http://www.laptopmag.com/articles/surface-book-vs-macbook-pro

Finally, a few last things about my recent purchase. I opted to get the 3 year Apple Care Protection Plan. I have a history of being rough with my computers so thought it would likely pay for itself. Also, I did mention I'm not very well wired technically - so if I have a question, I may just call the 1-800 number instead of asking a friend who may mock my ignorance for years to come. Before I left the store, my friends insisted I get the AirPort Time Capsule - Apple's back-up solution with a built in wireless router. I won't buy into the much faster wireless connectivity, but it is nice to know that if my computer crashes, it will be backed up by the Time Capsule. Plus with 2TB of storage, I can easily transfer over my hundreds of gigs of photos with piece of mind. 

Technology was made to make our lives easier and I'm happy to say that Apple has proven that to me with this computer. Now if only they could fix my iPod from 2007...