2019 Met Gala Fashion Critique

Susan Sontag’s essay “Camp: Notes on Fashion” gave the Met Gala it’s theme this year. And what does that mean exactly? Think ‘Campy’ - not tents and s’mores. Over the top. Exaggerated. Artificial. Outrageous. For women, think Jem & the Holograms meets Cher meets RuPaul. Camp fashion is a very broad theme which allows for a lot of personal style. So for this year, while fashion is important, styling is even more so. We’re going to see couture on the pink carpet regardless, but who is going to get Anna Wintour’s seal of approval?

The Best

Cardi B

How does she manage to wow us after wearing the wild Mugler vintage piece from the Grammys? By wearing this dramatic quilted and sequinned gown that forces everyone else out of the picture. This is how you make an entrance at the Met. From the feathered trim to the matching gloves and cap, this Thom Browne dress was absolutely everything!


Lady Gaga

While I think Cardi B’s dress may have won my heart, Mother Monster stole the show with her outrageous 15 minute strip performance. She started off in a hot pink parachute dress with matching bow. After working herself up and down the steps, she shed her skin down to structural black dress…then down to a slinky pink gown and finally down to her bra and panties. I guess when you’re the co-chair of the event, you can do what you like. However, as one of the first to arrive, Lady Gaga set the bar crazy high for the rest of the attendees. 



Not only is this emerald green color incredible on Ciara, but all the details were spot on with this Peter Dundas gown. The feather train, the sexy cut-outs, and all the sequins. But the real stunner was that head-turning Afro. The whole look was giving me vintage Cher vibes. 



You really need to see this to believe it. This Tommy Hilfiger dress transformed Zendaya into Cinderella right on the pink carpet. The use of fibre optics makes this dress really magical. But the look doesn’t stop there - I loved the glass slippers and the hair style. Apparently the dress also had the capability to change shape as well…but hopefully not into a pumpkin at midnight!

Jennifer Lopez

JLo looked gorgeous in this Versace outfit with matching cap - however, I was a bit underwhelmed. Knowing what a true fashionista she is, I really expected a bit more from her. This look did remind me of Bob Mackie outfit from the 70s but we’ve seen this style of outfit on her a bit too often for it to have any novelty. 

Kylie Jenner

This Versace number was so spot on that I don’t have a single complaint. The plumage is fun and the matching wig ties it all together. The Versace gown is scandalous but in all the right ways. The silhouette is a knock out. I don’t think she has ever made my ‘Best Dressed’ list before - but this is pretty stellar. 

Janelle Monae

This Christian Siriano dress was killer on Janelle. Drawing inspiration from the surreal, I love that this dress kept with her personal style of black and white while still being playful. I loved the Madhatter-esque hat and the blinking eye. Gotta love the exaggeration. 


Katy Perry

When we think of modern camp performers, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are the first to come to mind. Katy is always a favourite at the Met - so I was actually expecting her to steal the show tonight. While it was hard to top Gaga, she certainly looked luminous in this Moschino crystal dress. Oh yeah, and the attached fully functional chandelier! She looked gorgeous - but to have a bit more fun, she changed into a cheeseburger outfit later on. And no, you didn’t just misread that. 


The Worst

Billy Porter 

Now before you get upset, I loved his entrance and I love the concept he was going for. Apparently he was inspired after watching Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. Cool. But for me, thats where it ends. His outfit, designed by The Blonds, was too costume-y and not enough fashion. The body suit was ill-fitting and the straps were distracting. And while Elizabeth Taylor was camp, I don’t feel like an Egyptian Sun-God necessarily is. Did you get your years mixed up? The 2018 theme was Heavenly Bodies - and maybe this would have been more appropriate. Finally, Katy Perry rocked the wings last year…give it a beat before copying. 


The Olsen Twins

This is likely the most un-camp outfits out there. You girls should have just stayed at home and read about Auntie Lori likely going to jail. The are dressed for a Blade movie marathon. Perhaps that can convince Anna Wintour to have next year’s theme be Vampire chic. Then they can wear these hideous lil trench dresses again. 


Serena Williams

I understand what Serena was going for with this dress, but it failed. Is she wearing the dress or is the dress wearing her? This yellow Versace gown did no favours for her athletic frame and I think the colour was a bad choice. I don’t mind that she is wearing her collab running shoes and at least they match. Just too much going on here and not enough of it is working for me. 


Kim Kardashian 

Well…I like this dress. Not on Kim Kardashian. It borders on obscene with how tight it is. I’ve never heard of anyone being corseted into a latex dress. It’s actually a custom Mugler - who came out of retirement to design this for her. BUT…tonight she revealed that they have been designing it together for over 8 months. The theme for the Met Gala was only announced 7 months ago. So I feel like she just wore it because it’s fashion and not on theme. And her husband should have been denied entrance in his $43 Dickies jac. If a man isn’t going to dress in theme, he is still expected to dress black-tie for this event. Then again, Kanye would have to be a man. So…


Jordan Roth

Well the man owns a theatre. So he decided to dress himself as one? Lame. Where is the fashion to this? How is this campy exactly? Is this actually an oversized kaftan? Fail. 

Celine Dion

I was so torn on this. I love Celine and I actually love the Oscar De La Renta dress, even if it does weigh over 25 lbs. My major issue is with the styling. The headdress should have been filled with lush plumes and instead they look bare. Is the bird sick? Dead? It pulls a lot of attention and not in a good way. The makeup is a bit severe and she doesn’t look her best at all. However, if we cut her head out of the pic, she has never looked better.