Goyard: The Original Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton was named by Forbes to be the most valuable luxury brand in 2015. This comes as no surprise when you consider LV’s saturation and iconic monogram. While every other suburban housewife is now toting their Vuitton Neverfull, other historical French brands are regaining their much deserved recognition. In an age of internet celebrities and faux everything, buyers no longer seek just visibility and exclusivity - they crave history, authenticity and nostalgia. French manufactures such as Hermès, Moynat, and Moreau have proven that elegance and craftsmanship are timeless. However, it was Goyard that emerged as France’s original and premier leather goods expert.

Goyard has been making quality leather goods since 1853 - one year before Louis Vuitton. However, the origin of Goyard actually dates back to 1792 when Maison Morel and then Maison Martin began making leather trunks for the French elite. Pierre-François Martin began the business and then taught his craft to his son-in-law, Henri Morel. Their continued success brought about the hiring of an apprentice in 1845 - 17 year old François Goyard. When Morel passed away in 1852, François took over and in 1853, the brand of Goyard was born. Eventually the business was taken over by Edmond Goyard who is credited with the creation of the signature Goyardine chevron print.

Production today continues as it did back in the original days: The goods continue to be made in France. Special orders are all created by hand. Custom personalization is still handpainted. Each piece is inspected to ensure that it passes the company’s highest standards. Practices that keep this brand exclusive and coveted.

Not only is this brand known for quality and craftsmanship, but it’s list of past customers is staggering: the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, the Romanov family, the Rockefellers, Coco Chanel, Edith Piaf and Sarah Bernhardt. More recently, fashion icons and celebrities such as Karl Lagerfeld, Madonna and Victoria Beckham make Goyard their brand of choice.

I personally enjoy my Louis Vuitton carry-on and have been complimented on it numerous times over the past decade. It is well made, durable and fashionable.  However, over the years the LV emblem has become more commonplace and the special feeling I once had with my bag has faded. So when you are shopping for a new bag or luggage, remember Goyard.

This brand has maintained its exclusivity through being one of fashion’s best kept secrets.

Goyard Storefront

Goyard Storefront